Saturday, April 21, 2012

Evacuated Tube Transport | A Silver Bullet

Nix the Bullet Train to Bankruptcy

* By: Larry Walker, Jr. *

Forget about airplanes, electric cars, algae biofuel, and the bullet train to bankruptcy, evacuated tube transport is the wave of the future. At 1/10th the cost of high speed rail, and 1/4th the cost of a freeway, with top speeds of 370 mph intrastate and 4,000 mph interstate/international, silent, safe, and faster than jets, ET3’s six passenger frictionless magnetic levitation capsules are far more viable than any other form of transportation on the horizon.

Does the idea of travelling from New York to L.A. in 45 minutes, without a TSA pat down, and at a fraction of the cost sound appealing to you? Would I buy a ticket? Hell yeah! I would ride today if I could. Looks like the government can cancel its plans on that $500 billion high-speed rail network to nowhere. It’s already obsolete.

There’s just one caveat: Let the private sector run it.


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