Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama's Jones-Act Massacre: Updated

Dutch Koseq Sweeping Arms vs. Obama's Jones-Act Disaster

Dutch Sweeping Arms vs. Obama's Jones Act Special

Koseq rigid sweeping arm systems - the best oil recovery equipment for offshore. The only tool for recovery of oil on open sea that works even under severe weather and sea conditions.

Updated: The Dutch offered to loan the U.S. four of these systems on day 3 of the Gulf disaster, but Obama said, "thanks but, no thanks." Now it's too late. How long did it take to waive the Jones-Act? Fifty some-odd days? How many lives, jobs, and businesses have been ruined unnecessarily? How much marine life could have been saved had Obama acted sooner? All Obama had to do was waive the Jones Act. All he needed to do was put America first.

Now he owns it. This is Obama's Jones-Act Massacre.

By the way, since we have several thousand active oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico, exactly how many modern day oil skimmers do we have, on standby, in the region?

I think we need a six-month moratorium on Obama's big mouth, and then some real change in 2010 and again in 2012.

Refer to: Illegal Dutch Oil Skimmers, the EPA and the Feckless POTUS and Keeping Up with the Jones Act Deroy Murdock

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