Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Darth Brings Solutions : Obama Just Words

Darth sent his ideas to the next President, via Eternal Vigilance, in response to President Obama's debt crisis. I say, let Darth be heard.

From: Darth

To: Eternal Vigilance

I have been thinking about what President Palin and a conservative Congress can do to FIX the country when they take power. Here are a few ideas:

  1. The USA is BANKRUPT. Therefore, we need to declare CHAPTER 13. All contracts, promises, and ENTITLEMENTS are on the table. Create a National Bankruptcy Trustee Council that will dictate the changes just like a bankruptcy judge would. That way we only have to pass ONE BILL to make all of the painful changes.

  2. Lay off 80-90% of all federal workers. Eliminate departments, agencies, and commissions. Examples include Dept. of Education, most of the Small Business Administration, most of the EPA, HUD, National Public Radio, National Endowment of the Arts, ET AL.

  3. Privatize every function possible. Fire the union TSA and hire a contractor with a free hand to “profile” terrorists.

  4. Sell off assets. SELL, don’t lease, mineral rights offshore. Why the hell does the federal government have to own 50% of the land West of the Mississippi? Sell the BLM and most National Forests. Sell federal office buildings and lease back the ones truly needed. Sell off every technology that is not classified. Sell off dams and power plants. Sell Amtrak.

  5. Reduce all Congressional pensions to ZERO. Both the Republicans and Democrats bear responsibility for the mess they got us in. They can go back and work for a living. Cut civil service pensions to a minimum. Regardless of rank, pensions should be what the lowest civil servant gets.

  6. Invalidate all federal union contracts and their right to represent federal workers.

  7. Eliminate farm price supports, dairy cartels, etc. Let the free market drive down prices.

  8. Obviously, eliminate earmarks, aid to cities and states, and other pork barrel spending.

  9. Allow elderly people to have HMO coverage or catastrophic insurance instead of Medicare.

  10. Raise the retirement age for Social Security gradually. We are living longer, healthier lives.




I’ll think of a few more areas to cut later. How are the above for a start?


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