Sunday, October 18, 2009

Obama: Ready to Go!

Most American’s were ready for Obama to go before his term started. Now after nine month’s in office, the first affirmative action POTUS declares that he is ‘ready to go’. I don’t know where he’s planning to go, but I suspect that it’s not anywhere that the rest of America would care to venture. Let’s review Obama’s performance as CEO of the United States.

According to the Associated Press, the Federal Budget deficit has surged to an all-time high of $1.42 trillion as tax revenues plunged while the Obama Administration was spending massive amounts on the way to its undeclared destination. The Obama Administration has projected that its deficits will total $9.1 trillion over the next decade.

For 2009, the Government collected $2.10 trillion in revenues, a 16.6% drop from 2008. That was the largest percentage decline in records going back nearly seven decades. Meanwhile, Government spending last year jumped to $3.52 trillion, up 18.2% over 2008, the biggest percentage increase since a 23.4% jump in 1975.

In the private sector, a CEO with such a record would not be able to weasel his way out of being fired through clever rhetoric. In fact, a search committee would be formed, with haste, to locate a new CEO who specializes in turnarounds. If Obama were not the current POTUS, it is highly doubtful that a man with his lack of experience and qualifications would be sought for the job.

The Review

Let me get this straight, Obama, you lost $1.42 trillion in your first nine months. You generated revenues of just $2.10 trillion, while you spent $3.52 trillion? And your plan is to lose another $7.68 trillion for a total of $9.1 trillion over the next ten years? And now you say, “I’m fired up and ready to go?” Well, you can go alright. You can go right now. In fact, YOU'RE FIRED!

You know, there is a Constitutional provision whereby a POTUS may be forced to leave office before his term ends. It’s called impeachment. Don't rule it out. By the way, this isn't personal, it's business.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Obamacare, Obamanomics and Inverse Logic

Do the math

"If an object is a polygon then it is a triangle (false)."

By: Larry Walker, Jr.

You can’t solve a problem until it has been defined. The Federal government, once again, has failed to define the problem. Being led by the novice, Nobel Prize Winning, Barack Obama, the Congress has become another hostage on the road to Socialism. What is the real problem?

The Problem

Firstly, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, since the start of the recession in December 2007, the number of unemployed persons has increased by 7.6 million to 15.1 million, and the unemployment rate has doubled to 9.8 percent (1).

Secondly, per my research in, “The IRS as Health Insurance Police,” there are currently 12.6 million delinquent taxpayers who owe the Federal Government $115.5 billion (2).

And finally, per my last blog, “Common Sense vs. Obamanomics,” where are the jobs (3)?

The Plan to Nowhere

The Government’s plan: Pass a massive health care bill with the ‘hope’ that (a) the 12.6 million will pay their back taxes along with the new increase for mandatory health care, and (b) the 15.1 million will miraculously find jobs (on their own) to be able to pay for their health care. Sounds to me like a plan going nowhere.

The Real Cost?

Based on my research in, “The Health Insurance Black Hole,” when it’s all said and done and we have Universal Health Care, the cost will be approximately $747 per month for an individual, and $2,990 per month for a family of four. That’s $35,880 per year for a family, and $8,964 for an individual (4). To me this is an outrageous increase from my present rate of $188 per month with an H.S.A. Plan. And according to Congress, this will reduce the deficit (which they have run up with reckless abandon) in the long-term.

I’m sure! Raising every American’s health insurance costs by $6,708 per year should reduce the deficit in the long run, but what does that do for our individual health? It seems to me that health care reform has just become a crafty way of raising taxes by playing on the sympathies of kindhearted American’s. No matter how you frame it, it’s a tax increase.

"If a policy is a tax increase then it is a tax cut (false)."

Questions Unanswered

  1. How will the 15.1 million unemployed American’s pay for their health insurance? Will the employed have to pay more to cover them?

  2. How will the 12.6 million who already owe back taxes be able to pay them while paying for the new health care tax?

  3. If you subtract the 27.7 million who can’t pay for their health insurance, how much will it really cost those who are employed?

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Common Sense vs. Obamanomics

'Change' not even horses can believe in.

Obamanomics: Putting the Cart in front of the Horse

By: Larry Walker, Jr.

If you caught Steve Wynn on FoxNews Sunday with Chris Wallace today, perhaps like me, you thought of the image above. Mr. Wynn is right! Barack Obama's entire domestic agenda is based on a false premise. In fact, in all that Obama is pushing his fatal flaw is that he has put the cart before the horse. The cart being comprised of health care reform, economic stimulus, cap-and-trade, tax increases, wealth redistribution, ....etc....etc... And the horse being job creation.

The false premise being that you cannot redistribute what you don't have. For the 15.1 million Americans who are jobless, giving them health care reform that they cannot afford is meaningless. Solving the problems of the universe through cap-and-trade by raising utility bills for those already on government assistance will only increase the amount needed for such entitlements. In fact without the ability to provide for ourselves, life itself is pretty much meaningless.

Last week 35,000 Americans lined the streets of Detroit hoping for a one time handout. If the government provides this one time handout, what will those people do next month? When the government provides a one time stimulus of $600 (or $250), how far does that go?

Mr. Wynn is right in saying that without job creation there is nothing. Obama is creating a Black Hole wherein an ever shrinking workforce will be forced to pay an ever increasing amount of taxes to support the ever expanding base of unemployed. And it won't end until the government listens to people like Mr. Wynn and starts to implement tax policies that promote incentives for businesses to expand and hire.

The only way this is going to happen in a timely manner is for the priorities to change. Left and Right must join together as one, and demand that Congress change its priorities. Cap-and-trade, health care reform, so called economic stimulus, tax increases, and wealth redistribution need to be tabled. The number one priority today is job creation and the way to do it is through tax policies.

I live my life one day at a time. As a business owner myself, my revenues are directly affected by the economic condition of my customers. If my customers can't afford my services, then my business suffers, and those who depend on me suffer. This is something that can't wait. We can't wait 4 years for Obama to impose his agenda while people are suffering daily. The uncertainty this administration has imposed on the business community is so thick you can cut it with a knife. We need action today.

"Hey Congress! The horse goes in front of the cart." Jobs, jobs, jobs, and then you can talk to us about your utopian fantasies.