Sunday, March 15, 2009

Urgent Plea from Dr. Orly Taitz regarding Obama's Illegal Activities

Written by: Dr. Orly Taitz

Date: March 15, 2009

Thank you and let's keep working until Obama resigns or until he is removed.

Thank you all for your beautiful, warm words of support. It really touched my heart to read some 160 comments that were posted so far. Thank you for your prayers. Those kept me safe so far and hopefully will keep me safe in the future.

It is interesting that completely deranged Obama thugs are now posting messages on the blogs saying that the meeting with Chief Justice John Roberts never happened, and that Justice Roberts doesn't have Secret Service protection. It is particularly laughable in light of the fact that their own leftist liberal newspaper the Seattle Observer posted an article confirming the event, my presence there, my plea to Chief Justice Roberts, and his request to give the papers to his Secret Service agent. Although they twisted my words, and the reaction of the audience, they confirmed that I was there, stated that I brought documents proving Obama's lack of eligibility, letters from a half a million citizens, and that Chief Justice Roberts told me to give the documents to the Secret Service.

After the event a number of students and professors approached me and stated that it was an example of devotion and zealous advocacy, they commended me on it, and they gave me their names and asked how they can help. Most of them stated that I had more guts than 99% of the people.

We have to move on and continue researching, lobbying politicians and demanding action from law enforcement and the judiciary. Please, let's work together to end this nightmare of illegal and criminal activity surrounding Obama, as soon as possible. I need your help in the following areas:

  1. Sending by certified mail with my return address letters to Attorney Generals of each state demanding an immediate criminal investigation, Grand Jury action, and subpoena of records.
  2. Demanding quo warranto proceedings by every US attorney and criminal investigation by a Grand Jury and subpoenas.
  3. Demand Judicial hearings and subpoena of records by the State and US Representatives and Senators.
  4. Searching for decent judges with some guts that would issue subpoenas.
  5. Federal employees should join us in requesting that all of their federal agencies demand Obama's proof of qualification or immediate resignation or removal, as Federal employees cannot be true to their oath to uphold the Constitution with a Foreign National usurping the White House.
  6. Each and every member of the military should write a 138 grievance to Secretary Gates, Chief of Staff Mullen, and all their commanding officers demanding that Obama proves his qualifications or is removed from the position of Commander in Chief ASAP.
  7. I need to get in touch with Martin Didier who has written articles in Chicago about the mob laundering stolen or otherwise illegal money through fictitious mortgages. This might explain all of the fictitious addresses and social security numbers listed for Obama in various databases.
  8. I need to get in touch with people running Intelius,, Lexis Nexis and Choice Point. I need to get information from them regarding how they collect data, and from what sources.
  9. I need as many articles as possible about 3 or 4 gay men, members of Trinity church, that were found shot to death within a period of 45 days at the beginning of the Democratic primaries from November-December 2007.
  10. I need information on a company named Magic Plumbing, AKA Burlew Plumbing, and the lien they had on the house of Kelly McCrum Robinson (Michelle Obama's sister-in-law). I also need actual newspaper articles about Magic Plumbing doing maintenance on the sprinkler system in the World Trade Center on 09/05/2001. And the articles from Nashville, TN newspapers about one of Magic Plumbing's employees being arrested along with a person working in the Nashville DMV, who was accused of issuing fraudulent drivers licenses. (This woman later died under questionable circumstances).

Please move fast. Material is being scrubbed from the Internet awfully fast. You may need to go to the libraries and get actual newspapers, or go to the State and National Archives.

Together we can end this nightmare soon.

Thank you again for all your help,

Dr. Orly Taitz

[Edited and reposted with permission by: Larry Walker Jr.


  1. You are delusional.
    were you this adamant about Bush policies if death and destruction?

    I doubt it.

  2. Doubters! I suppose you have some reason to believe the silence. I on the otherhand have a hard time believing anyone whose lips are sealed.

  3. Audio Link to the event. Yes she did!

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  5. Is Jack Reylan an Automatic Complaint Generator?

  6. our_species_is_stupidAugust 4, 2009 at 11:25 AM

    The goggles! They do nothing against the crazy!